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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 07/05/2009 03:00
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We’ve witnessed a lot of changes taking place at Posh Bingo these days. After having revamped their online bingo site and changing how their style, what more do you think the online bingo network will still be doing? Of course, there’s still something that’s lacking from the changes mentioned and that’s the advertising part of things. To announce to everyone about the recent changes at Posh Bingo, an interesting TV advertisement was created and has recently been aired. Let’s see what the buzz is all about with Posh Bingo’s latest TV advertising campaign, shall we?

The latest design of Posh Bingo’s website has truly attracted a lot of attention. But for those who were not aware of this major change in the online bingo site, then there are a series of Television campaigns that feature Posh Bingo and the new features that it has to offer. Posh Bingo is having a massive TV advertising campaign in the whole of UK. After all, if they’ve already gone big in changing their website, what better way to complement that with an intensive advertising? And it has certainly paid off for one of the popular online bingo sites of today.

Posh Bingo is enjoying an increased attention from not only various online bingo enthusiasts from other online bingo networks but is also getting the spotlight from non online bingo players. With TV advertisements placed in Television prime time, we won’t be surprised that it will attract even those who haven’t tried playing bingo online. The TV commercials from Posh Bingo are being aired during the popular TV shows of Emmerdale and Coronation Street. The advertisements will surely do wonders for Posh Bingo. But who created the advertisements from them? It’s none other than Spacebar Media who created the television advertisements for Posh Bingo. For those who haven’t heard about the advertising group, they are also responsible for other online bingo network campaigns such as that from Wink Bingo.


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