Posh Bingo Xmas Tree Chat Games Bring Squirrel Filled Fun

Posh Bingo Xmas Tree Chat Games Bring Squirrel Filled Fun

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/12/2010 09:35
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Posh bingo certainly seems to be in a festive mood this weekend as they are offering players the chance to take advantage of some Christmassy bonus codes and are running Christmas tree chat game where players can win up to 10,000 Joy of Bingo points!

Posh bingo promotion codes

In a continuing trend of past weekends promotion Posh bingo is laying on bonus codes that can be used from Saturday all the way up to Monday, there are a few little rules but nothing too drastic.

Thankfully posh bingo have kept things pretty simple this weekend, the code for each day is the same, enter the code CRACKER on Saturday or Sunday to claim an extra 75% extra on deposits between £10 and £100 - players can use this code once on either Saturday or Sunday.

If you miss out on the above offer you can take advantage of an impressive 79% deposit on Monday 13th, simply enter the code CRACKER in the cashier’s promotion box before making a deposit.

Xmas Tree Chat Game

The Posh Bingo Xmas tree chat game takes place every day up until midnight on Christmas day, the special games take place in the Spa and The Cocktail club between the hours of 12am and 12pm with players getting the chance to turn on the Christmas tree lights and win some serious Joy of Bingo points.

Should the lucky choose the correct switch (from a choice of three) they can win up to 10,000 JPs. Should the switch only light some of the lights then a prize between 1,000 and 5,000 will be won. However, should the switch short circuit and burn the tree down - players end the chat game with zilch, apart from bragging rights of being s virtual bingo fire starter.

Be sure to also keep a look out for the Squirrel and Double Squirrel bonus shooting out of the tree, a little like something from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – thankfully this fun little surprise brings bonuses not mayhem. Have fun guys and Merry Christmas.



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