Posh Bingo Winner Loves Fuffy Favourites

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 05/02/2010 11:31

It is not difficult to understand why top Posh Bingo Winner “xxcxthexbeexx” loves playing Fluffy Favourites, this slot machine landed her a huge progressive jackpot prize of £45 577. To top this she also won just over £600 playing the same game just before Christmas, so this young girl has really got her 2010 off to a brilliant start.

She says that she has been playing at Posh Bingo for a while, always dreaming that she could win big, but when she actually realised she had won she nearly passed out. Her mum got so excited she wanted to start smoking again, but fortunately this quick thinking winner said she would take her on a holiday if she didn’t. Thank goodness that worked because her mum stopped smoking five months ago!! This winner is going to b e treating her mum to a shopping spree too and you know the generosity of bingo winners to their friends and family when they win never ceases to amaze me. They are such sharing people!!

This young Posh Bingo winner also wants to learn how to drive a car and has never got around to doing it. But now she says she ahs no excuse, so it looks as though this life changing win, is certainly going to be changing her life. She works two jobs, seven days a week as it is and says it would take her two years to earn this amount of money, just think, perhaps she will be able to take a bit of a break, she certainly deserves it.

Fluffy Favourites is often one of the featured games at this site, and although the progressive jackpot prize ahs now been won, it has been reset again, but is going to take a while to reach the £50K mark again!!

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