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Written by: kelly on 01/05/2010 12:00
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Pre-buy games are a popular choice with busy bingo players, because they mean that the player is able to play in games they are not able to be physically present for. Posh Bingo has a whole range of pre-buy game available which all tend to have guaranteed prizes

Posh Swag for example, takes place every second Thursday at 8pm, and prizes offer you a bit of exciting retail therapy. It's late night shopping at its best and bingo tickets only cost 50p each. They give away £200 lastminute.com vouchers, digital cameras, Nintendo Wii's and loads more - offering shopping satisfaction and bingo in one fell swoop.

You also get to feel good when you play at Posh Bingo in the £500 Feel-Good game. This game takes place on the alternate Thursday to Posh Swag and you can pre-buy your tickets anytime you feel good enough to do this. They also cost 50p each and you will find these bingo cards under the "Posh Dosh" tab.

The Glitzy £750, is named after the prize on offer and you will find this game playing at Posh Bingo every Saturday at 9pm. Ticket prices are 50p each and this game offers brilliant 1Tg and 2TG prizes too, so there are five prizes in all. The 1Tg prize is £30 and 2TG is £20, so look for these bingo tickets in the Posh Dosh pre-buy feature too!

Now we get to Dreams of Dosh AKA Dreams of £1,000,000 and it is this game which inspires many players to become members of the site. It is a million pound coverall and you have to have a minimum of five tickets at a pound a-piece, the game plays on Fridays at 9pm and has a guaranteed prize of £500.


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