Posh Bingo Footie Finals and More Chances to Win

Written by: kelly on 11/07/2010 12:40
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We have become so spoiled at Posh Bingo with all the brilliant tournaments, competitions, promotions and games they have had up for grabs at the site during the 2010 World Cup, we are really going to miss these extra chances to win. The end of the World Cup is this Sunday the 11th July and it is also time to wave goodbye to all the footie promotions. The last Fever Pitch game plays on Sunday the 11th as does the last Football game. We hope the Netherlands side wins the World Cup and we hope you win the last Fever Pitch game. The prize is £502.50 and the time of the game is 9:45pm for 25p bingo cards.

New on the cards at Posh Bingo is the chance to win up to £500 in cash every day. This is a new sliding jackpot in the Jazz Café and the bingo tickets only cost 10p each. What a bargain, and if you don't win the lot in 48 calls or less, don't worry there are a number of consolation prizes down the way. The least you can win is £30 which in itself is not bad for a 10 penny bingo ticket!

If you have ever caught yourself looking in the mirror and thinking you look a bit haggard, don't feel alone, we have all been there darlings. But Posh Bingo has got something coming up that will save the day as well as a few crows feet around the old eyes. These are some lines you will love in the Free Facelift Game which plays on the 18th July at 9:45pm. There is £1000 up for grabs for the winners as well as special 1TG and 2TG prizes too. The top prize for the full house is £450, while 2 lines wins £350 and one line wins a terribly generous £200!


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