Police Called as Bingo Player Complains About Food

Police Called as Bingo Player Complains About Food

Written by: Glo Wood on 15/06/2012 14:40
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Police were called to a Gala Bingo club to after a disabled bingo player complained about the food on May 31st.

Kevin Thomas, 47, was removed from Gala Bingo, in Milton Keynes, Bucks, after receiving a 999 call from the staff. Thomas was playing bingo with friends when an altercation took place and the staff claim he abused them regarding the food served.

There are no details as to what exactly was said but in a statement from the Gala Bingo club spokesperson, they has this to say, “What happened was not a one off. There has been unacceptable behaviour towards our staff and management over a prolonged period of time.”

The police simply removed Thomas from the establishment. He was not officially cautioned or arrested.

Thomas said, “I’m disabled and the bingo was the only place I went to meet my friends and others, but now they have taken my pleasure away.

“Armed police turned up and I thought that things had gone a bit too far.

He claims to have done nothing wrong and it was the staff who held something against him for a prior complaint about their Gala Diner food.

“I have never abused a member of staff. I think some of the managers got their knuckles rapped over the food.”

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