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Written by: Jeannie on 28/06/2010 22:00
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Bingo on the Box is inviting all its most steely online bingo players for a hand or two of poker this Wednesday 30th June, and it’s free to go along and try your luck. The question is though – can you keep your cool to win big?

How to play

Look out for the Poker Bingo games on the Bingo on the Box site this Wednesday; the Chat Host will announce when a game is about to start. Whoever wins the online bingo game in this session will get to use the colours of the first five bingo balls out in the next game to form a winning poker hand.

Here are a few examples of winning combinations (especially helpful for poker novices):

1 Pair (2 balls of the same colour) = 2 BBz
2 Pair (2 balls of one colour and 2 balls of another) = 3 BBz
Three of a Kind (3 balls of the same colour) = 4 BBz
B-I-N-G-O (one call of each colour, in any order) = 5 BBz
Full House (2 balls of one colour, 3 balls of another) = 6 BBz
Four of a Kind (4 balls of the same colour) = 8 BBz
Five of a Kind (5 balls of the same colour) = 10 BBz
B-I-N-G-O (one ball of each colour, in the correct order) = 15 BBz!

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