Playing the Bingo Odds

Playing the Bingo Odds

Written by: ava carson on 01/12/2011 10:15

The odds are part of every gamblers strategy. Calculating the percentages in poker, horses and blackjack are an important part of a skilled player’s game. But what about Bingo, is there a strategy?

The number of players in a room determines the chances of winning. Choosing a room with the fewest players will offer a higher stake at winning. This is particularly effective for fixed pots and progressive jackpot games where the prizes are guaranteed.

The more cards played the higher the percentage of having a winning game. Not every player is going to buy the max bingo cards; therefore you are at an advantage by purchasing the max cards allowed for an edge above the rest.

Quick Buy is a nice option where purchasing a group of cards all at once for an easy convenience. To increase your odds check the cards for a wide variety of numbers, if there is a lot of duplicate numbers on your cards, quick by them again. The key is to have as many different variations of numbers as possible.

Since the numbers called are processed through the Random Number Generator program there is no particular order or pattern that is a determining factor in the outcome.

Don’t play at peak hours when most players are online. Remote times, early in the morning or late at night will have fewer players in each room giving you better odds.

Last but not least have your good luck charm with you, after all you are not a true blue bingo player unless you do.

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