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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 04/10/2009 18:11

If you are looking for an online bingo site that costs you little money and you can win really big cash prizes, look no further than Little Big Bingo. This is a new site with a difference, they only offer budget beating games and the size of the prizes is out of all proportion with the size of the wager. The odds here are really spectacular, but your odds of winning are no less likely.

Play in the 90 and 75 ball bingo rooms for a bargain like no other, the penny rooms offer super prizes and when you make your first deposit of £10, they give you £20 free. Do you know how many penny games that adds up to? Just do the maths it is simple enough! And join today, because tonight is the night that the special big game of the week plays, the prize in the Penny Power Guaranteed game is a magnificent £1 000. You can’t afford not to be a member of this site, and you can’t afford to miss this game, it plays at 9pm, don’t miss out!!

Little Big Bingo also offers 1 and 2p pre-buy guaranteed games, so you can use the pre-purchase feature if you can’t actually manage to be present for the game. The Lucky Penny game runs from 11 am in the morning, every 2 hours and starts with a guaranteed £20 prize, gradually increasing as the day goes on, tickets cost a penny apiece, and the minimum buy-in is ten tickets.

Tuppence treats are obviously what they say they are; games at 2p a ticket. They also run every two hours and have £30 as the guaranteed starter prize at 3:30pm, the prizes in this game increase to £100 and then drop again to £50.

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