Playing Bingo Good for the Brain

Playing Bingo Good for the Brain

Written by: ava carson on 02/05/2012 10:05

In a recent study conducted by the International Neuropsychological Society revealed that playing bingo will keep the mind sharp as a tack.

As we age, our memories may not be as precise as it was when we were younger. Challenging the brain in certain activities can help to improve and stimulate brain cells.

The report claims that simple activities that require little expense like walking and socializing are important factors in keeping the mind healthy. In a study with over 1,000 elderly people who participated in social groups, played bingo and did volunteer work had a 70% lower risk of than those who did not.

In engaging in a variety of activities like bingo, card games etc. showed in the study to help preserve intelligence.

Online bingo is a perfect activity particularly for those that have a difficult time with mobility or an inability to get out as often.The bingo community is an ideal social network with most bingo sites offering Free Bingo and fantastic promotional offers.

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