Players of the Belgium National Lottery Bingo game lose €2m?

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 26/03/2009 03:26

There has been a bit of a hoo-ha in Belgium in the last 24 hours, reports all over the internet are screaming out that almost €2,000,000 has been unpaid to lottery winners on the National Lottery ‘Bingo’ game. RTL info.be headline reads “Escroquerie: les joueurs de la Loterie Nationale lésés de 2 millions”, as a rough translation Swindled - Players of National Lottery lose 2 million.

It appears that the Bingo game run by the National Lottery based in Brussels, has been misprinted and part of the tickets have been printed out of align, giving the impression that the €3 bingo game tickets are not winners when in fact they are. It is also reported that the Managing Director of the Loterie Nationale was fully aware a week after the event that an error had been made and against all of the advice given by the company lawyers decided to carry on with the sale of the bingo game tickets. It is estimated that €1,840,500 has remained in the Loterie Nationale coffers which otherwise might have been paid out to winners of the bingo game. The mission statement on the Loterie Nationale website states “Customers are entitled to the greatest transparency and to complete and precise commercial information”, it would appear on this front they have failed.

There are angry calls by internet bloggers for the sacking of the Managing Director of the Loterie Nationale, for trying to cover up the bingo game error.

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