Player Scratches His Way to £300,000

Player Scratches His Way to £300,000

Written by: ava carson on 28/01/2014 09:25

Not a typical Scratch off kind of guy, Craig Lyon of Merseyside took a chance and purchased a £5 scratch card. He won his money back and decided to reinvest it and purchased a £2 card and £3 Bingo Pink card.

Craig describes his winning moment:

“It was literally a couple of hours later that I decided to scratch the cards. I scratched the first one and nothing and then I came to the Bingo Pink. It is the first time I have bought a Bingo Pink and I started to scratch it really slowly. I normally rush but for some reason I had a feeling I was going to win so I was doing everything in slow motion."

"When I had finished scratching the card and realised I really had won I just could not believe it. I was in a state of shock. I checked, checked and checked again and then immediately called Camelot who confirmed I had actually won. At that point I just started shouting and screaming.”

Ecstatic over his win he could hardly wait to tell his wife Emma saying:

"I was so excited and I was shaking. When I arrived at Emma’s work she could not believe it – she wondered what on earth I was doing there. When I told her the news she thought I was joking and it took me about half an hour to convince her it really was true.”

Craig plans on taking his wife and 3 year old daughter on holiday to Disneyland with his windfall. Congrats on your very exciting live changing win!

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