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Written by: kelly on 28/04/2010 07:55
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One of the overriding reasons for people in the UK to choose playing bingo above all other games is the socializing aspect of it. Add to this fact that most bingo players are of a friendly persuasion and you have the perfect recipe for Wink Bingo's very own special brand of Team Bingo.

The rationale is that you are already playing bingo, so why not get the best value for money you can and play in the Team event. It costs nothing to enter and if your team comes out tops, the first prize is 170,000 BP's - every two weeks. 2nd Place wins 120,000 BP's, 3rd Place wins 70,000 BP's, 4th Place wins 50,000 BP's and 5th - 10th Place each win 15,000 BP's. When Bingo Points have been converted to cash, all of these points add up to a heck of a lot of money which can be used to pay for your bingo - essentially making it free!

Team games at Wink Bingo work slightly differently to every other site, firstly the competitions run for two weeks and on many sites this is a month. Secondly you don't get to choose your own team. Teams are randomly selected from the members of the site who want to take part in team bingo and this also helps members to make even more new friends.

The only thing you have to do is become a member of Wink Bingo, let the site know you want to be a part of a team and play bingo on the letter "T" pattern! Leader boards are regularly updated and after the two week competition is up, another random selection takes place and the player moves onto the next team, while scores revert back to zero.

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