Play William Hill Bingo's Free Weekly £200 Quiz Night

Play William Hill Bingo's Free Weekly £200 Quiz Night

Written by: Richard Sharp on 21/09/2011 08:45
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The traditional pub quiz is dead and buried for bingo players because you can now enjoy your favorite trivia on a variety of sites. One brand which has bought into this trend in a big way is William Hill Bingo because every week they giveaway £200 in bonuses!


Quizzes, but not as you know them…

The Wednesday night quiz takes place in the community room between 8pm and 10pm with a variety of categories and questions to answer. Unlike traditional quizzes you can’t all submit your answer and then tot up your points at the end. Instead points are awarded to the players which answer in the chat room first, the answers have to be correct of course!

At the end of the evening these points are then added up (you can keep a running total) and the top three players are awarded their prizes. Third place is given a £25 bonus code, second place a £50 code and the overall winner a whopping £125 code.

How to use the code

The prizes are fairly hefty which is why they require a £10 deposit to activate them. William Hill bingo send out the code within 48 hours and it can then be used to boost the winners next £10 deposit by whatever they won. For example the top prize winner would deposit £10, get £125 bonus and have a total £135 to play with - not bad for winning a free quiz!


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