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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 24/09/2009 22:00

If you like to mix your bingo up a bit, then playing at the new Live Bingo UK site, may just be the answer to your prayers. This site was made especially for you, the player, but if you have any ideas, please share these with them. It is chock-a-block with fantastic games and promotions, but like all new sites may need a little tweaking here and there. Also if you have an great ideas for new promotions let them know, they are all ears, just email to feedback@livebingo.co.uk.

As we are discussing a relatively new site, let’s get down to brass tacks shall we, Live Bingo offers new members a 100% or pound for pound first deposit bonus. So you deposit £10 and they give you £10. Simple enough and certainly good enough, sites that offer very large deposit bonuses, often make it more difficult fort members to claim their winnings, so anyone contemplating joining an online bingo site should always read the terms and conditions first.

What I really fancied in terms of the games available at Live Bingo, is the BINGO Trivial Pursuit. I particularly like playing this game as it is a great mix of two games that I love the best. I am not allowed to play Trivial Pursuit with my father any longer, my mother hid the game away because she said we fight to much over it!! But, back to the game at Live Bingo, this game plays in the Wonderland Room, from 8 – 9pm, and if you like quiz games this is the one for you. One line win ball will determines what category of question will be asked. B=Sport, I=Geography, N=science, G=Lifestyle and O=History The first correct answer received after the countdown wins 50p, and if you are the first to collect all five letters, you win a fiver!!

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