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Written by: kelly on 07/07/2010 10:05
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Tombola Bingo has a special treat running just for three short days. It all starts today – Wednesday the 7th July and it ends on Friday the 19th July, so make sure you play between 8pm and 9pm in Bingo 75, because every game played has a £75 guaranteed jackpot prize. But you can win more because if you hit the jackpot in this room, the prize will be £500!! This room offers the classic American styled bingo which is pattern bingo so get your dabbers ready to fill in the shape to win.

Actually at Tombola bingo, you don't have to use a dabber, because the games can play on auto-daub. In which case if you are doing the ironing or something else at the time, the games will just play, all you have to do is buy the tickets and cross fingers you win. Although ironing, playing bingo and crossing your fingers all at the same time may prove to be a little tricky, we all seem to have become brilliant multi-taskers since the advent of online bingo.

Speaking of crossing your fingers, one Tombola Bingo member who has got everything crossed, "everythingcrossed" from Ballymena was one of last week's big winners. She played Bingo 90 to win £9 071 and is planning some driving lessons plus some birthday treats for her children with her win. She was not the only big winner last week and "jammy_sammy?x" landed a £20 000 win playing Cinco – she is planning some treats for her family. Then last but by no means least "Stuiealwayswins"; and with an alias like that he probably does, won £10 000 prize in Bingo Roulette and is now shopping for a house. Well he has the deposit for it that's for sure! Why don't you join in the fun and games at this site, if these members can win it, then anyone can!

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