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Written by: kelly on 12/05/2010 15:10
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It is a well known fact that playing at Tombola Bingo means you are playing at one of the biggest winning sites on the net. They pronounce it 'sinko' and its Tombola's world-famous online card based game – it is spelled Cinco, but “Dazzymai” from Dudley spells it “WINNER” because she recently won £20 000 while playing this game!! She says “to all you doubters out there – this is for real”, so take a page from her book and win for real when you play at this site.

Another recent winner – “Jade and Ambers nan” from Cambridge won £12 503 playing seaside bingo at its best. This is 80 ball bingo which is also one of the most popularly played games at Tombola Bingo. She couldn’t believe it when she won and couldn’t stop crying. We hope they were tears of joy!! She is going to have a holiday, buy a car and give some of the prize money to her children, but most of all, she never believed this could happen to her and it did. It could happen to you too if you play Bingo 80 or any of the many unique games which have their home on Tombola Bingo.

What about a game of Bingo 90? This is one of the most traditional forms of bingo in the UK. Tombola Bingo of course offer this game and “gisalittlewin” from Birmingham proved that this game pays too. She was the winner of a lovely prize of £2 794 in Bingo 90 and was so shocked when she saw her bingo balance increase to £3 000, she nearly fell off her chair! She is getting married in June so her win has come at a very propitious time. Isn’t this just lovely? Check out the new winners every week at Tombola Bingo if this is what you need to give you the inspiration to play, but just remember that this is not called Britain’s Biggest Bingo site for nothing!


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