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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 18/02/2010 17:34

As far as innovation and different games go, Tombola Bingo is to my way of thinking, the best in the UK.   They have a brand new offering and it is a free game called treasure Map. Up to £20 000 a week can be shared by members playing this game, and considering it costs nothing to play, this is one heck of a good deal.

You have to help Captain Tom Spade find the buried treasure and the only way to do this is by leading him around the treasure map. X obviously marks the spot, but do you have the right spot. The only way to find out is by having Tom dig it up for you and see what treasure you can uncover. As soon as he is finished digging the amount you have won will be revealed and you win the prize.

The only way you can qualify to play what looks to be one of the best offering Tombola has had on offer so far, is by staking £2 of your own (real) funds, not bonus money, and you have to do this in the previous week, between Monday and Sunday. In this way you qualify to play the free game in the following week, and you get to play every single day. Each day prizes from a fiver in bonus money to £500 in cash area available, so yet your shovels ready and dig in to Treasure Map.

If you aren’t a member of Tombola Bingo yet, you should be, the site is totally brilliant and the only site I actually have complete confidence in. We all have our little favourites, it just so happens that Tombola is mine.

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