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Written by: kelly on 08/05/2010 18:35
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All the best UK online bingo site offer free games with real cash prizes; most of these games are a simple game of bingo in a special room or during a certain session of games, but not Tombola Bingo. They offer a regular free game that is specifically designed for this purpose and the current game is Treasure Map. They estimate that approximately £20,000 a week is won by Treasure Map players and it's all free, so wouldn't you like to win a share? We know we would!

To play, you do have to have made a deposit of real money the week before, and one game lasts a week; but this deposit is small, only £2 and you get to spend it on other games, say for instance Cinco. So deposit £2 and you qualify to play Treasure Map, then spend the £2 on Cinco tickets and you might be as lucky as Ronnie from Kent who recently landed a £5 000 prize in the Capri room. But we digress, let's get back to Treasure Map.

Players lead Captain Tom Spade around the map, and obviously the point of the game is to find "X Marks the spot" where the money hopefully is. Prizes range from £5 to £500 and you have to decide where the Captain digs. So it is fun to play, completely interactive and once he has dug the spot, the prize is revealed. Match up the cash prize values and this is how you win - so get your shovels ready!

Tombola Bingo is famous for their unique approach to the games they offer and this is what makes them one of the biggest online bingo site in Britain. Many of their games are completely unique to the site and you just don't find them anywhere else!

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