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Written by: kelly on 07/06/2010 18:20
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There are a couple of specific sites in the UK bingo market which are geared at offering low budget bingo tickets and only low budget tickets. Little Big Bingo is one such site. However, just because the bingo tickets are cheap, doesn't mean the prizes are. Every game at this site offers a guaranteed prize. The difference between a guaranteed prize and a coverall or a PJP, is the prize which is advertised is won. It doesn't have any specific criteria for winning; all you have to do is be a member and buy a bingo ticket and be the first online bingo player to bingo. Remember, if you aren't in it, you can't win it!

Starting with the 1p and 2p pre-buy guaranteed jackpot games at Little Big Bingo; these run every single day and are played every two hours. The fun and games begins at 11am and runs all through the day till 11pm. You have to make a minimum ticket purchase of ten to get in the game, so it will cost you 10p! This is hardly a bank breaking amount of money and even the smallest risk taker will enjoy these games. The prize money starts at £20, so if you win you turn 10 pennies into 20 pounds, it sounds like a good deal to me, how about you?

As the day progresses, the amount of money you can win in these games also grows and by the late night game at 11pm this has grown to a guaranteed £50. These are the Lucky Penny games. Then in Pennies From Heaven, the games also play every two hours, cost 1p per bingo ticket and have escalating guaranteed prizes. These games start at midday and end at midnight. Both these featured penny game allow you to play at Little Big Bingo for a penny a bingo ticket, every hour of the day, and there is lots more to do at this site, so check it out today.


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