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Written by: kelly on 15/05/2010 11:50
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If you don’t know how it works at Foxy Zero, you play, they pay, this is the Foxy Bingo, little brother budget bingo site, but don’t miss out on all the fun pay for play offers too. Register as a member and they will give you a 200% first deposit bonus, but if you are already registered as a pay for play member of Foxy Bingo, all you need to do is login at this site with your existing username and password.

They offer lots of lovely games to play, if somewhat on a much smaller scale then their big brother site, and at Foxy Zero if you play Zerology you can also earn some nice bingo points. Play 75 ball bingo which is the pattern version of the game and bingo on the Z E R and O to win 1 000 BP’s. In 90 Ball bingo you simply bingo on a number ending in zero to win. There are lots of these in calls from 1 – 90 and if for example you bingo on the number 10, you win 1 000 BP’s. BP’s add up fast when you play these games and they can be redeemed for lots more free bingo!

This site offers free bingo games seven days a week, but if you play in some of the budget busting pay for play games you can win some really decent jackpot prizes. The only place I know where you can turn pennies into pounds quickly is not at your local alchemist lab, but at online bingo sites like Foxy Zero, and the best bit is you have fun doing it.

Bingo cards start at the low, low cost of 1p each and for 1p you could win as much as £100!! A game plays for this prize money at 9pm every day and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Pay Foxy Zero a visit and see what you can do about turning nothing into money and pennies into pounds!

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