Play Cinco at Tombola Bingo – The Big Winners Game

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/01/2010 14:27

The week before last “tanurass” became the fourth, £20,000 Cinco jackpot winner in less than a week at Tombola Bingo. The beauty of this card styled bingo game is that you can play at any time of the day or night and the amount of ticket sales doesn’t affect the prize pot. You pay a certain ticket price for a chance to win a certain prize and that’s it. This winner just so happened to be playing when the rest of use were happily snoozing away at 4am in the morning.

Stakes for 10p, 20p and 40p in rooms with names pizzazzy names such as Miami, Cannes and Monte Carlo are features of this unique game which can only be found at Tombola Bingo. To win the top prize the frost five cards drawn have to be market off and this is a regular occurrence, just check out the winners page and see for yourself. One of the nicest things about this bingo site is that they actually take the trouble to get photos and testimonials from the winners, so you see real winners.

With all the prize money given away in Cinco, it is hardly surprising to find that it is one of the sites favourite games. But Tombola Bingo gives away £3 million worth of prizes every week, and its all in cash. They have more than 40 chat rooms to entertain you and games which are out of this world.

Take advantage of the free Lucky Pick game which take place from Monday to the following Sunday and make sure you get your lucky numbers every day. If your pockets are feeling the pinch of all the Christmas spending and you are still a few days shy of payday, play Bingo Lite, this is bargain bingo at its best, tickets cost 2p and strips are 10p while you play for a £100 jackpot!

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