Play Bingo Street's Daily Free £25 Bingo Game

Play Bingo Street's Daily Free £25 Bingo Game

Written by: kelly on 14/09/2011 08:35
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What’s better than a free game of bingo? A free game with a hefty guaranteed jackpot of course. Bingo Street has recently introduced a brand new free bingo game which offers a £25 guaranteed jackpot on a daily basis!


£25 Trollied Free Game

The game plays every evening at 10pm with £5 awarded to the 1 line winner, £7.50 to the 2 line winner and a rather generous £12.50 to the full house winner. Pretty generous when you consider tickets for the game are completely free, well for those who qualify at least.

You see, the game is only open to players which have made a deposit during the day up to 9:50pm. Only then will they be allowed to take part in the game which is great as their chances of winning are much greater than if every player was allowed to play.

What if I haven’t deposited in time?

Then you’ll be able to play the following day, the 9:50pm cut off gives the boffins at Bingo Street just enough time to allocate the free cards. If you haven’t made a deposit at all then you’ll not be able to take part in this free game but can still play in a number of other free bingo rooms available on the site.

Newbies can also spin the sign post on their first deposit for up to £1000 free, which is a lot of bang for your buck no matter how you look at it ;-).  

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