Play Bingo and Become a Virgin High Flyer

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 04/10/2009 22:23

You don’t have to fly with Virgin to become a high flyer or able to earn flying miles either. All you have to do is play bingo at the site, or even casino games and you will earn V*Points which enable you to earn points for all kinds of high flying experiences. If you play on a Friday you earn double the normal amount of points too, so Friday is definitely the day to play if you have set your sights on that special round trip Economy Class ticket from London to Las Vegas. You only have to clock up 50 000 points to redeem this ticket.

Essentially 1 V*Point = 1p, and 1 V*Point = 1 Flying Mile.

Traveling in style, courtesy of Virgin Atlantic and doing it by playing bingo has to be one of the most unique ways of funding travel ever though up. You have to admit it is innovative. A heck of a lot more innovative than most other online bingo sites in the UK! But we are talking about Virgin here, not just any site.

They have trips to New York, Dubai, Hong Kong and Tokyo on offer, each of them in various flying classes, and while we are talking about Virgin and flying in the same breath. You can also use your V*Points to get yourself one of the many Virgin experiences available too. This includes taking over the controls of a light plane, taking gliding lessons and if you would rather stick to the ground, what about some low flying in a Ferrari or Porsche? The choice is all yours, you can find out t the site how many points any of the experiences requires, convert it and set a goal to save towards. Tip: While your are checking this out, check out which games pay the most points and make a “point” to play these, especially on double points day.

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