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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 23/11/2009 07:43

How much are you prepared to tell your online bingo site? You do know that these sites are actually social network sites which offer bingo and other games to like-minded people. This means they are a step ahead of the other social networking sites because the people who chat and play online bingo, already have two things in common, they wan to make friends and “friends” is the operative word and they want to play bingo. Platinum Play Bingo understands this concept and they are asking their member to tell their story. If they do they could win a share of £250 every week.

While online bingo fans do have two common denominators, they are also thousands (if not millions) of very unique individuals. Besides playing bingo and making friends, everyone has interests and lifestyles that are different, and it is for this reason that Platinum Play Bingo invites you to tell your story. People should never be shy to talk about themselves because many other people will be able to relate. This is how many private blogs have become so successful.

Getting to know your fellow roomies is part of the pleasure of being the member of an online bingo site. So send your story and a high res photo (smaller than 1.5MB), and a signed release document and away you go. You will find a copy of the release document at Platinum Play Bingo and just tell them anything interesting about yourself. Perhaps your grow strange shaped vegetable which resemble rude body parts in your spare time, or you are the village pub, female arm wrestling champion. It will be interesting to someone, no matter how dull you may think your life is, it is always more interesting than you believe, particularly to other people who believe they lead a dull life, like me!

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