Platinum Play Bingo Remembers the Bear Necessities

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 12/10/2009 22:21

Remember the song from the Jungle Book – Bear Necessities? Well this week Platinum Play Bingo is remembering them until the 19th October. Bear Necessities is a WSPA initiative, (World Society for the Protection of Animals). It is specifically aimed at raisin awareness for mistreated bears throughout the world, and yes, things like bear baiting still happens. Their fur is also still being used when the Royal Guards assemble too!

But suffice it to say that bear cubs are still being captured in less than civilized countries, for their fur, and to train as circus animals and their plight is not terribly mainstream, so the do need this help. You can get active too, read all about this at Platinum Play Bingo and you can find out how to make a donation to the WSPA and other organization which help these animals who need another chance in life.

The Bear Necessities giveaway sees lots of fun and plenty of BB’z being given away so get in on this. Check the daily bingo schedule and see which games you can win extra BB’z by playing, earning these is a great way to get free bingo games. BB’z are credited as soon as you have won, so you can use them straight away.

Also remember that this is the site which offers the Bingo Ball for life, and when you bingo on your lucky number you could win as much as £50 000. This number stays your own personal lucky number for life and you can also use it when you play at their sister site, Giggle Bingo. The Bingo Ball for Life PJP starts at £1 000 and grows by £1 000 every week that it isn’t won. As you can imagine, this prize pot reaches very large sums of money and is definitely worth a wager!

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