Pizza and Movies - Win the Purr-Fect Night In at City Bingo

Pizza and Movies - Win the Purr-Fect Night In at City Bingo

Written by: Richard Sharp on 08/10/2011 08:40
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It’s official, staying in is the new going out. It’s cheaper, there’s no need to dress up and you have all your home comforts on tap. However, a great night in usually involves little effort (a takeaway) and a good movie, both of which cost money. So, what if you could win both?


Win A Purr-Fect Night.... In!

City Bingo is gearing up for their second week of their Purr-Fect Night promotion. If you are a fan of pizza, films and nights in then this is one game that you’ll not want to miss. The great news is that the next game is on Monday, with all subsequent games planned in for every Monday throughout October - that’s a lot of pizza ;-).

The next game plays on Monday at 9pm, accessed using the specials tab on their site. City Bingo is known for value, and this game is of no exception because tickets will cost 2 pence, yes 2p, each!

The Prizes

The full house winner of the Purr-Fect night in game will win two prizes. The first is a £50 voucher for Pizza Hut, which can be used for all sorts of scrumptious food and treats that are delivered directly to your door.

The second prize is a years subscription to LoveFilm which now offers 7,000 titles in their catalogue. Again, these are delivered straight to your door or can be viewed online or through a compatible TV (or Playstation 3).

Does this sound like your idea of a perfect night in?

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