Pinch of victory for the bingo winner:

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 22/03/2008 11:00

In one of the recent bingo jackpot games played recently, it was reported that about 34,000 pounds prize money was shared by two fans of the game. One of these fans was a 46 year old Greenford woman.


This woman was so surprised at this unexpected win according to National Bingo; she thought she had dreamt the win. In fact, so surprised was she that she asked the operator of the bingo club to pinch her when she heard how much money she had won in the jackpot.


She says that this win will help her with her finances, and that she is surely going to continue playing bingo for some time. Today, with the regional and club prizes added to her part of the UK bingo jackpot, she has won more than 19,000 pounds.


And to make things better for her win, she had won the jackpot on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, making it befitting for her to renew her love for the game once more. Just some time back, National Bingo had said that it was a ‘happy new year’ for a mother of three from Cosham, with her claiming 100,000 pounds at the bingo game.


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