Pick 'n' Mix Games Brings the Happy Hour Back to Bet365 Bingo this Week

Pick 'n' Mix Games Brings the Happy Hour Back to Bet365 Bingo this Week

Written by: Richard Sharp on 17/10/2011 16:10
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Bet365 Bingo is planning to bring back two phenomena's that made the 1990s great this week with their Happy Hour games which are presented in a Pick ‘n’ Mix fashion. They’re also mixing things up in the evenings with a range of free bingo games that include the ever popular superbooks tickets.


Pick ‘n’ Mix, choose your Happy Hour

The Happy Hour down the pub, and pick ‘n’ mix from your local shop may sound like a bygone era but it’s hot in the world of online bingo. Especially at Bet365 bingo this week . Their Pick ‘n’ Mix happy hour games play between 1pm and 2pm and 8pm and 9pm between Monday 17th and Sunday 23rd October 2011.

Every Happy Hour begins with a complimentary free game, with a set of 1tg and t2g games following shortly after. The great thing about these games is that you’ll win in an unorthodox way from a situation where in every other bingo game you’d lose.

Other games include BOGOF, where you get a free ticket for every one purchased. The entire gambit of happy hour games run all week. Which is where the pick ‘n’ mix part comes in, as you’ll not only have lots of different games but will also be able to choose when to play them.

Superbooks, Play for Free or Boost Your Winnings

Bet365 Bingo is laying on a weeks worth of Super Free Bingo games. With ten games every evening from 7pm to 8pm, you can play for free or upgrade to superbooks for a chance of winning ten times the amount if you strike it lucky.

It certainly sounds like a tasty week to be playing as Bet365 Bingo, we can’t wait to join in! 

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