Pennsylvania’s bingo rules loosened by bill

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 13/06/2008 19:30

The revamp that was planned for the Pennsylvania state’s bingo law has been approved by the House. With this new plan, supporters say that it will help nonprofit organizations to compete with the new, glitzy casinos of the state.


With Rep. Don Walko of D-Pittsburgh sponsoring the bill, it will allow Pennsylvania to have more bingo nights in a week, permit giving much more bigger payouts, help legalize handheld electronic bingo devices and also help in lifting of advertising restrictions.


This was done by Walko, so that they could help volunteer fire companies deal with the challenges of raising money and also help the other charitable institutions of the state. However critics are apprehensive of the bingo bill, as to whether the changes were required and if extra gaming opportunities were required in Pennsylvania.


So far under the 2004 slots law, seven casinos have opened, with seven more in the offing. Rock basically supports nonprofits offering bingo; however he hadn’t heard from any asking for changes in his district law.


With the new bill passed by Walko, organizations can now have bingo for a maximum of 4 days a week. This is two more than the current law. The new bill also gives a maximum daily payout of $10,000, an increase from $4,000.


The bill also permits progressive bingo jackpots to increase $10,000 a day, to a maximum of $50,000. It also lifts a restriction placed on a current law prohibiting groups from advertising bingo prizes or dollar values and lets professionals be hired to operate bingo games.


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