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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 16/02/2010 17:18

Reading the players letters in the community section of an online bingo site always puts the site into perspective. It is here that you read about the profound affect which playing bingo often has on people and this is very interesting. It is not only about the game, it is about how the community has an affect. For example at Party Bingo player ‘Chevylies’ wrote a lovely email.

She says she is eternally grateful to the Party Poker player who told her she was a rubbish player and said she would do better playing bingo, she did and has never looked back. She also says that roomies and chat hosts at this site are like a family and they create a very positive atmosphere. I think that this kind of voluntary letter sent to a site is the best proof of brilliance a site like Party Bingo can get. I also believe they are actually exceptionally lucky to have members like this and I am sure they agree.

This site also offers a ton of chat games to give you even more chances of winning, and it is participating in these games which actually get your more involved in this friendly online community. They do the same sort of thing as playing charades or Twister does for a party, gets everyone laughing, warmed up and having a good time. To qualify to play chat games you have to have purchased a ticket into the bingo game playing at the time, and even if this is only one ticket you still qualify. Party Bingo has a list of these games which is as long as both my arms and includes Trivia, Bingo Buddies, Armchairs, Birthdays, Charmed, Crazy 8's, Curly Cues and many, many more, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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