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Written by: kelly on 11/06/2010 20:05
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When it's Friday at Red Bus Bingo it is time to park your bottoms and get a seat aboard for the £1 Million Big Ben Bingo Room. This game for a million pounds in prize money plays every Friday night and when Big Ben strikes 9:30pm its all systems go. This is a sliding jackpot game and tickets cost a pound each.

A sliding jackpot is basically a coverall game, so all the numbers on your card need to be filled in to win. This also has to be accomplished within a specific amount of calls and this is where the slide comes in. The maximum prize is £1 million big ones and the minimum is £500 guaranteed, so someone is going to win something.

This is basically how the bingo calls work: bingo in 54 balls/calls to win £500, bingo in 53 balls/calls to win £1,000 bingo in 52 balls/calls to win £2,000 bingo in 51 balls/calls to win £4,000 and bingo in 50 calls/balls to win  £5,000; and so it goes, on all the way down to between 1-40 balls/calls, where the £1,000,000 can be won. Win this and you will be rocking around the clock and so will all your Red Bus Bingo buddies. We have yet to see a million won in one of these games, but there is a first time for everything. Or so the saying goes, and the call number is actually quit high in this game!

Regardless of the fact that a million pounds is a very difficult prize to win at an online bingo site, you should still make the effort to play. Because as we said, you never know, your ticket could come in.


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