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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 08/10/2009 22:21

This month (October) the new big promotion at Paddy Power Bingo, is the Paddy Power Goes Electric and they have already had five winners in this competition! So far “house16”, “flashgordon” and “namealreadyinuse” have each won a snazzy new iPod! “teresam” won a funky notebook and “vavavoom” won a fabulous new 19" LCD TV, and the month has only just begun.

This month they are giving away thousands of pounds worth of these prizes which range from TV’s to iPods and they have 31 prizes in all, one for each day of the month. To be in with a chance to win, you have obviously got to be a member of Paddy Power Bingo. If you aren’t register today! As this is a daily draw, you have the opportunity to win every single day and all you need to do to qualify is wager £10 in any of the rooms, this is how you get your entries into the draw. So if you wager today, you are in today’s draw and if you wager tomorrow, you are also in tomorrows draw.

There is still plenty more to give away, as there are three 32” Samsung LCD TV’s, two Samsung 19” LCD Tv’s, four Samsung N31 Notebooks, and 22 Apple iPod 2GB shuffles. You won’t know what device is on offer for which day, so it will be a surprise draw every evening, and if you are in the draw, you can’t plan it for a special prize. Like “pot luck”, you will be given what ever happens to be drawn out of the hat. No matter, it doesn’t get much better than being offered an opportunity to win a free gift at an online bingo site, every single day of the month, and you have to admit it, Paddy Power Bingo has got class. Loads of it!!

Paddy Power Bingo

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