Online bingo winner at Wink Bingo win Mini Cooper Car

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 15/04/2009 03:00
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Since the 1950’s the Mini car has had a place in the hearts of the British public, even though much time has passed and many changes have been made to the original design, it still maintains its style, and sporty image and is an object of desire for many. Wink Bingo had the foresight to have this true Brit style icon as a prize in a recent online bingo promotion, the Wink Bingo Play off.

The lucky winner of the Wink Bingo Play Off, Joanna Kane a mother of two children from Werneth nr Oldham in Lancashire has received this wonderful piece of British eccentricity, the latest Mini Cooper worth a staggering £16,000. Clearly elated by her good fortune, Joanna said that she was overjoyed because she hadn’t ever won anything before. Ironically one of the lucky numbers that helped to win her the car was chosen because it was the day she passed her driving test.

The excitement at Wink Bingo’s online bingo site was atmospheric the day that Joanna won the Mini Cooper, all the other online bingo players getting in on the mounting tension. The play off was a result of the two final players having a tie, so they were required to choose their own numbers for the final play off. Christine Tulley was the disappointed loser in the end when the jubilant Joanna won the spoils.

Joanna’s neighbours in Werneth may not be thanking Wink Bingo so much for the surprise win, apparently the family were so excited that they could not stop screaming, let’s hope the emergency services weren’t called to try to put out the fire!

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