Online Bingo Players Won’t Feel The Burn

Online Bingo Players Won’t Feel The Burn

Written by: ava carson on 02/01/2012 17:00

While online bingo players feel the heat for the passion they have for the game, they won’t feel the burn that local bingo halls have. Instead of waiting in long lines during a bingo break to order up a meal, players have the luxury to feed their hunger at any given moment by simply walking into their very own kitchen and allowing auto dab to do the work.

Take the case of Sandy McWilliams who sued a bingo club in Perth for allegedly burning her arm after going to the clubs kitchen to have dinner. According to Ms. McWilliams she felt her life was in jeopardy due to the unfortunate mishap. Serving up food that is too hot has caused her to seek legal counsel and sue the KE Entertainment Bingo Hall.

The case was in favor for KE Entertainment who claimed that McWilliams was to blame for not taking proper precautions that could have easily been prevented. They also commented that it was nothing more than part of the compensation culture made by popular by the United States that has caught on in at a worldwide level including the UK.

Compensation does have its benefits particularly when a business neglects certain safeguards for their customers. At the same time abuse and sue happy patrons’ are often looking for any recourse to cash in.

To really cash in and not feel the burn the best alternative is online bingo. Home sweet home is where the heart is and where the bingo player avoids long lines, limited seating and where home cooked food is just a room away.

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