Online Bingo Player Steals Funds From Sis’ PayPal Account

Online Bingo Player Steals Funds From Sis’ PayPal Account

Written by: ava carson on 17/06/2013 15:25

Let be said nothing comes between sisters, devoted sisters. As for Michelle Sheppard of Tarlock Green, South Withman she broke the loyalty code of ethics and betrayed her sister where it hurts most, her PayPal account. She admits to theft between March 6 and March 11 totalling £2,250.

The 39 year old woman managed to get her sisters banking details to purchase an item on eBay last summer. Small transactions appeared on the victim’s PayPal account near the end of the year and she began to question the sister about them.

Prosecutor Tracy Ross said: “She rang Michelle Sheppard and asked her if she knew anything about it.

“She then told her sister she had been using her bank details to pay for online bingo but that she would stop doing so.

“However, when she checked her statement the following month there were new transactions. She again apologised and said she would stop.”

Miss Ross told the court the victim “wanted to give her sister the benefit of the doubt” so did not close the account as she expected her sister would stop.

Miss Ross said: “In her statement the sister said she was very upset about what happened and feels let down by her sister. The amount of money she is out of pocket by has had a significant financial and psychological effect on her.

“She accepts she had no permission to use the account after March 5.”whole matter has got her down and depressed.”

Miss Ross said: “She accepts she had no permission to use the account after March 5.”

Judith Bew, defending, said: “It just became easy to get carried away and that’s effectively what happened.

“She never intended from the outset to spend that amount of money but it was far too easy to log on and get carried away.

“She rues the day, frankly, she ever logged on and participated in such an activity.”

Mrs Bew added: “She is incredibly sorry and ashamed to be before the courts.”

Sheppard spent the money on online bingo sites like JackpotJoy and had actually won £1,000 but lost £2,250 of her sister’s money.

Mrs Bew added: “Clearly there was a level of trust between sisters that had gone on. It is quite sad she has to not only pay this back but repair that relationship between sisters whilst accounting for her actions before the courts.”

The court sentenced Sheppard to 6 months of community order plus supervision and 10 days of specified activity.

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