Online Bingo Paving the Way For U.S. Players

Online Bingo Paving the Way For U.S. Players

Written by: ava carson on 18/03/2013 10:00

The buzz around the U.S is legalization of online gambling with three states now approved including Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. And preparations are already underway with online Bingo operators paving the way for the U.S. market. Cheeky Bingo has already developed a Facebook app that would allow players from the US to participate. Although the Bingo games are Free and there is no money wagering at this time, they are laying the ground work for the big day it will happen. 75 ball bingo, Speed Bingo and Slots games are part of the Cheeky Bingo Facebook app. Other social media games are available from online Poker and Casinos for Facebook and iTune apps.

Other states are laying their cards on the table and considering legalization of online gambling including California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Iowa and Mississippi. Although the ban may be lifted there will still be restrictions with players allowed to play within their state only. This would bring in more revenue for each state independently but could backfire with such small area of confinement for players.

"If individual jurisdictions go about setting up their own individual processes without the industry as a whole looking at it together, it's going to be a very difficult thing to do," said Craig Durbin, committee chair for the lottery subcommittee of the National Association of Gaming Regulators.

"We are encouraged to know that states are talking to one another. They are crafting their own legislation and legal frameworks but are talking with other states in anticipation of compacting with multiple states," said MGM CEO Jim Murren.

The U.S. is slowly making its way into the online gaming market and it is a matter of time that players will have the freedom to play at offshore sites.

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