One of the Luckiest Winners Ever at Moon Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 14/10/2009 07:37

Talk about a run of luck, one of the luckiest winners ever at Moon Bingo, has just won again. She has either got the system down to a fine are, or luck is just perpetually on her side. Again she is one of the winners in the Bingo Pays Your bills competition, and as you have to bingo on the most amount of games in this contest, this means she is also experiencing all these bingo wins too.

Last month she again won her Gas bill paid, that was September. But in March, May and June, she also won. However it appears that there are several regular winners of this competition and at least two of the same players win every two to three months, so they are managing to get their Water, Gas or Electricity bills paid on average about, 4 times a year for the different utilities. But again remember that they are also wining the prize money in the games too.

The one thing that makes “Lanzao5” so different, is that she is a regular winner in these and many of the other competitions run by Moon Bingo, and also because she and a partner are going to be on board the Carnival Cruise Liner “Splendor” for this years Bingo World Championship Games. Yes she was the winner of the luxury cruise to the Mexican Riviera. This prize is a VIP prize of not, it has also been won by a few other players at UK sites, so they will be going head to head against many other players from around the world for the $100 000 worth of prizes that are on offer. She is also going to be traveling VIP all the way, with virtually all her costs included, it just makes be happy for her, but in the same breath, green with envy. I really do need to hone my bingo skills this year!!

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