Olympic Committee to Combat Illegal Gambling

Olympic Committee to Combat Illegal Gambling

Written by: ava carson on 03/03/2012 20:40

The London 2012 Olympic committee is making plans to meet with online gambling operators and land based operators this month to discuss actions to implement in the prevention of illegal gambling during the event.

Plans have already been made to include a drop-in zone in the Olympic Village and will offer advice to athletes during the Olympics. Gambling networks including Betlfair have agreed to information with the IOC to enforce the no illegal gambling policy.

A Betfair spokesperson said the Olympic organisers will meet March 20th with the IOC, Hugh Robertson (Sports Minister), the UK Gambling Commission and Betting Companies.

"The idea is to make sure that we all know who we are, the system of contact during the Olympics and what will happen if there are any issues. Ninety percent of the ground work is already there," said Susannah Gill, Betfair's public affairs manager.

Athletes participating in the games are prohibited from making any bets under a code of ethics running for a month from the opening of the Olympic Village on 16th July. This also includes anyone involved in the games including coaches, team officials and referees.

Gill suggested that the sports industry was starting to address the issue of illegal betting but have been slow to realise the impact is has.

"I think with doping, sports have got their heads around that and are dealing with the issue. I think betting is something which has cropped up which they hadn't given as much thought to, particularly the world of online gambling," Gill added.

According to the news agency, Reuters: "Despite the efforts of the gaming industry to combat fixing, everyone involved in sport recognises that the main threat lies in unregulated betting in Asia."


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