New Wink Bingo £10k winner overjoyed at big win.

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 27/04/2009 19:00
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It is often said that ‘good things come to those that wait’ and ‘you get your just rewards in the end’, and certainly that is the case with the latest online bingo winner at Wink Bingo. The £10,000 jackpot winner with Wink Bingo is a wonderful lady with a really worthwhile career, Brigette Gent who is a community carer in Burnley. It really couldn’t have been won by anyone more deserving than a person whose job involves helping others in such a crucial way.

Brigette is so happy to have won with Wink Bingo because she had recently been struggling financially more than a little, the current economic crisis has been hitting her family rather hard. Now with her sudden good fortune all courtesy of Wink Bingo she can put some money towards her mortgage, pay off some of her bills and hopefully with enough left over to help out some of her family.

Brigette thought the email that she received from Wink Bingo informing her of her good fortune was just a joke, so was really surprised when she opened it and found out how much she had won. When she realised that the Wink Bingo email was true, the emergency services were nearly needed as Brigette was so excited that she thought her heart might stop beating!

Whether Brigette was dancing on the ceiling like the lovely lady in the Wink Bingo television adverts remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure she will certainly be walking on air for some time!

Brigette had recently started playing at Wink Bingo on the recommendation of a friend who had also experienced some good fortune. Wink Bingo offer a guaranteed monthly £10,000 jackpot so although you might have missed it for this month don’t miss out next month, it takes place on the 10th of each and every month at Wink Bingo.

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