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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 22/04/2009 15:00
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Posh Bingo has just recently launched their online bingo site after a major revamp. And to continue advertising the newly done online bingo network, they are showing four different television advertisements on air. These four TV commercials have interesting scenes to begin with. Posh Bingo features a very haute tearoom only that it’s empty. In another TV commercial, Posh Bingo shows a gorgeous boutique only that again, it’s empty. In another advertisement, they show off a luxury spa but there’s no one there. And lastly, the fourth TV commercial showcases a perfect golf course with no golfers playing. Intriguing? Yes indeed. Let’s take a look at more details of these four commercials from Posh Bingo.

For the past few days, the UK has witnessed these four TV adverts on different television channels. Posh Bingo is serious about getting the word out. They are serious about gaining popularity and gaining the interest of a lot of the British people, be they online or live bingo players. For the past couple of months, we’ve seen a lot of online bingo networks and operators spending big time on television commercials. They are making sure that they reach out to all the people out there especially those who haven’t tried playing online bingo. These TV commercials from online bingo networks help them to survive the credit crunch. These advertisements help them attract new online bingo players as well. And certainly, the results were amazing. It was reported that these TV advertising campaigns have really helped online bingo networks to grow and increase their profits. That’s why Posh Bingo made sure their TV commercials would be something quite unique and intriguing, attracting everyone who has seen the advertisement. The four TV commercials use the tagline of how Posh Bingo is the stylish way to play your favorite game of online bingo.


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