New Micro Bingo Developed by Concept Gaming

New Micro Bingo Developed by Concept Gaming

Written by: ava carson on 08/08/2012 13:50

Micro Bingo is a new product launched and developed by Concept Gaming (CG), integrating Microgame’s (MG) People’s Bingo to the likes of People’s Poker. CG is the brain power behind creating Mini and Micro gaming products, a project by Fabrizio D’Aloia, CEO of Microgame S.P.A. They are headquartered in Italy and are leading online gaming provider.

Micro Bingo will add more fun features to People’s Bingo platform offering players more on the Italian online site. The Micro Bingo is easily launched from the People’s Poker client, allowing poker players more choices between Bingo and Poker. These new products will also being included on other venues like Sports Betting and will surely be a one of kind unique experience for players.

The Micro/Mini game package includes 20 mini games and is among the largest array of games available from any games supplier. CG’s portfolio also includes an assortment of of full-sized games.

Jim Preedy of CG said, “When we were asked to take on this project by Fabrizio D’Aloia at Microgame, we knew it would be a challenge, but one that we could get our teeth into and deliver on. It has been a complex development, but we succeeded in a timely fashion and the Micro Bingo game is now running live without a single customer service issue.”

Fabrizio D’Aloia of MG said, “The Micro Bingo client has allowed us to offer the People’s Bingo to our 1.5 million registered players. The development was undertaken by CG with great commitment and we are very happy with the product launch. I look forward to launching the full range of excellent CG Micro Games to all of our clients.”

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