New Mecca Bingo Calls include Beyonce, Harper Seven and Wills and Kate!

New Mecca Bingo Calls include Beyonce, Harper Seven and Wills and Kate!

Written by: kelly on 27/10/2011 08:30

Mecca Bingo has unveiled a new set of updated bingo calls this week to mark 50 years since they opened their doors. The updated list was whittled down from hundreds of ideas submitted by players and include references to Wills and Kate, Harper Seven, Dumbledore and Beyonce’s bum!


Claire Osbourne works for Rank, Mecca Bingo’s owners, she said, "The suggestions we've had from our customers were really diverse, from the sublime to the ridiculous, but what we found interesting was how they reflected modern times."

The new calls are an eclectic mixture, with some referring to celebrities. Wills and Kate, number 8 is sure to be a hit as is Harper Seven (7), Beyonce’s Bum (61) and Dumbledore(4). Even David Beckham got his own number 23, made famous by the shirt he wore at Real Madrid and at his current team, LA Galaxy.

Some of the calls offered interesting insights into today’s culture, which is undoubtedly a world apart from when Mecca first offered bingo. These include OMG (it’s 53), 28 (days later) and most shocking 69, sexy time!

Other calls simple rhymed, a theme which bingo callers of old would appreciate. These include Bottles of wine (29), Don’t get shirty(30) and Number 3, Debbie McGee.

The full list can be seen on the Mecca Bingo website, it’s good to see the brand revamping calls for their half century celebration. The brand is running a number of promotions throughout October, with their new and improved bingo calls offering an added element of excitement. 

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by: Polly over 10 years ago
OMG it's 53 is genius, I also liked the 'finally leaving mum, 31' call. Some definite sign of the times calls in the new bunch