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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 20/08/2009 14:00
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Gone Bingo is one of the popular online bingo sites in the UK today. We have not heard much about the Gone Bingo for quite some time but they were probably keeping a low profile as they were brewing some new features for us to discover. There is news about the “World of One Account” from the online bingo site. Do you want to know more about this new feature from Gone Bingo? Then find out by reading below.

There’s a new innovation over at the Gone Bingo website and its players will surely benefit from it. This new discovery is what they called the “World of One Account.” What’s great about this new feature is that it allows their players to play bingo games and other side games and chat with their friends through their mobile phones or mobile devices. So now, you too can download the chat and bingo games to your mobile phone and be able to play wherever you are. You don’t have to create a new account at Gone Bingo for your mobile device. You can simply use the same username and password you use when you play online bingo at Gone Bingo online.

Gone Bingo has integrated their bingo and gaming platform for both online and mobile devices so that you don’t have to create a separate account for mobile gaming. That’s why they call it a “World of One Account”. Gone Bingo made sure you won’t be hassled whether you want to play online bingo through your mobile phone this afternoon and play in your computer in the evening. Now isn’t that great that you can switch easily and play wherever you want and whenever you want to? Other sites that offer mobile gaming have an independent platform for the mobile devices. But Gone Bingo made sure to solve that issue. At the same time, Gone Bingo updated the look of their website to offer a fresh new sporty look.

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