New Big Winners at Party Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 15/01/2010 07:10

You know when an online bingo site is completely transparent when they regularly update their winners page and actually go to the trouble of catching up with winners to get their stories. Party Bingo is one of these sites and I have to say with some regret that there are much bigger sites which are high profile brands which either don’t have the amount of winner they say they do, or just plain can’t be bothered to update their winners pages. To be quite frank, I can’t be bothered with these sites, I think a regularly updated winners page indicates that everything is completely above board.

There is one player every forty seconds at Party Bingo who wins and member “evol57’ recently won $12,468.55 in the Cash Builder jackpot in the Lilac Lounge this December. She says she was the last to find out about her win as she had pre-bought tickets and then gone on to Party Poker to play. At first she thought she had won one line, but people were going mad congratulating her and, she couldn’t figure why they were making such a fuss about her winning six bucks. Then she looked at her account balance and realized she had won the Cash builder.

It was her first time in the bingo room, she normally plays poker and was just killing time by clicking on the bingo button in the poker lobby and buying a few tickets. She recons it was complete fluke and absolute beginners luck, and I would definitely have to agree.

December at Party Bingo was also good for one Danish player who also won the cash builder. “Hsvendsen” won a massive $26,569.30 also in the Lilac Lounge. She has just move to a new town in Denmark with her daughter and says this money will really come in useful, she also can’t thank the site enough. Who knows, the next big winner could be you.

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