New Approach to Teaching Students About Sex Includes Bingo

New Approach to Teaching Students About Sex Includes Bingo

Written by: Glo Wood on 23/11/2012 17:10

The subject of sex can be taboo especially when the discussion occurs between parents and their children. Just when we thought we had heard it all, Florida Atlantic University has combined sex and bingo in an attempt to bring awareness and an open environment to students.

Bingo cards were replaced with images related to sex and answers to questions that were randomly drawn throughout the game. The best part? The caller was a local drag queen called Misty Eyez. What better way to take the pressure off than a flamboyant bingo caller?

The game was presented by the Student Health Services and aptly named, Condom Bingo. There were several interesting and embarrassing prizes up for grabs. One student won the “sexy time” prize which included a couple of naughty items which made him blush with embarrassment.

“I didn’t have things like this when I was in college. I’m glad FAU is empowering and educating their students,” Misty said.

“Sex is fun and should be made fun,” she said. “Kudos to FAU.”

“I’m like the ‘Dear Abby’ of college sex,” she said.

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by: okinman over 9 years ago
It seems any venue is a venue for bingo, and the flamboyant Misty Eyez was a great choice as a bingo caller in this case. It appears she (?) probably had as good a time or better as the college students who were there for the good time and the bingo. Amongst other things...

I guess it's a good idea to give away the prizes such as condoms to the college students. I hope that some education and instruction were included in the program. If you don't use those condoms, kids, well, they won't help you one bit.

Bingo in education seems like a great idea no matter what the age or subject. There are many subjects that would be made more fun on occasion if the students were allowed to play bingo for prizes.

Student Health Services probably got a lot of attention and hopefully gained some new business with the game. It is great when students have a place to go to get information and medications and preventative items such as condoms. Hopefully they are calling the event a great success.

I wonder if this has started a bingo bug in any of the participants? Always good to see new players arrive on scene.