Nelson Bingo Hall to be demolished

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 30/06/2009 13:28

We continue to see bingo hall closures each day, thanks to the high bingo taxes implemented by the UK government. From already a high 15%, they decided to increase the bingo tax profits to 22%. Now, bingo halls continue to suffer and try to protest about this campaign. Some closures are temporary but some are closing for good. One of those that we may never see again is the bingo hall in Leeds Road, the Nelson’s Palace Bingo Hall.

News came out of plans of demolishing the bingo hall. Nelson’s Palace will be transformed into a new car park. The previous bingo regulars at Nelson’s Palace will surely be saddened by this news. The bingo palace will be demolished and soon, any visual and tangible memory that Nelson Bingo Palace has left in that building will be gone. Before it became a bingo hall, it used to be the best theatre and cinema in the town. It used to host film festivals and showcases musicals and concerts from top entertainers in the nation and across the globe. After that, it was turned into the Nelson Palace Bingo Hall. It was originally to be demolished in the 1970s after the cinemas has closed. But then, a campaign led by Peter Miller, had saved the building from being demolished. The old stone façade however, had to be removed to allow widening of Leeds Road.

Now, Nelson Bingo Hall faces fear of demolition once more. But now, it’s for a new car park to help increase the parking spaces for the town centre. Negotiations will be taking place this week and the weeks to come. Pendle Council and Palace Bingo are talking things over as to what will be the fate of the bingo hall. The Pendle Council plans a surface car park. To make it look environmentally friendly and make it more appealing, they are lighting up the car park with several trees.

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