Motion against high tax reaches 100

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 27/06/2009 11:20

So we’ve been hearing a lot about the high bingo taxes lately. A lot of bingo sites or bingo operators weren’t happy with the increased taxes in bingo. And as a result, a lot of big bingo operators are filing complaints or submitting motions against such ruling to the UK government. So in order to review the unfair bingo tax system that was recently implemented, those filing motion against it have to do some steps.

This week, the Early Day Motion received a total of 100. That’s why the leaders of the Early Day Motion have filed it to the Houses of Parliament. This will enable them to debate the tax system in the House. Labour MP and back bencher Dhanda Parmjit has filed the motion as soon as it reached a hundred. Before you can pass an Early Day Motion, it has to reach a hundred signatures from the other MPs. This week, that milestone was reached.

The issue of the high bingo tax implemented received a lot of backing from all the backbenchers that helped the bingo industry. Now, the tax hike will be debated in the House. It will enable those behind this motion to demonstrate how unfair the new tax system really is. More good news for the bingo industry came as Mr. John Bercow, the Speaker of the House, has also sided with the bingo industry. He has also signed the EDM a week ago. This will certainly help them in hopefully trying to lower the bingo taxes required from the bingo operators.

So what was the breakdown of the 100 signatures from the Early Day Motion filed? The highest number of signatures, amounting to sixty three came from the labour party. There were also seventeen Liberal Democrats, eleven conservatives, four SNP’s, three independents, and one each for the Plaid Cymru, and the Social Labour and Democratic Party.

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