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Written by: kelly on 17/04/2010 15:15
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There are more way to play bingo at Gala Bingo. You can play at the site, on your mobile phone and you can play with Gala Bingo TV. What is going to be your favourite choice?

Play Gala TV Bingo from 8pm every Friday to meet vet Joe Inglis from “This Morning”. As all UK residents are pet lovers, you will love this show. He will even be answering pet related questions as well as hosting some bingo games. Pet Bingo is the name of the game and Joe shares some really odd stories with us about UK pet owners. I am a pet owner, are you?

Even if you don't own a pet you will still find these games fun, so tune in for Pet Bingo at 10p per ticket, you may just have one of those bingo evenings which is purrfect! Win a chance to do some good and adopt a pet, or win cash, but do play!

I have heard of Strip Poker, but what about Strip Bingo? No, you won't be expected to get down to your skivvies; this Monday game is all about buying strips. If you have played bingo before, you know that a "Strip" is six bingo tickets, so put those dirty minds to bed. Gala Bingo TV is bringing you nine games during this hour and its even Stevens because every player is only allowed to play with a strip. No more, no less! Bingo tickets cost between 5p and 20p, depending on the game and the prize board has more than £1,500 available.

20Twenty Bingo and Nifty hour will also be playing at Gala TV during the course of the month, so check out the schedule today and start planning your games now. Gala Bingo splashes the cash like no other site, and be sure to check out the Showers of Cash promotion too.

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