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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/05/2009 03:00
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We’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of guaranteed jackpots from the most popular online bingo networks. Now it’s Mirror Bingo’s turn to showcase their hottest promotions this time of the month. They are currently offering a lot of guaranteed jackpots to make each and every online bingo enthusiasts out there enjoy their favorite game.

The television scene in the UK has been hit with the Mirror Bingo fever. You’ve probably seen one yourself. Mirror Bingo is becoming more and more popular because of such advertising campaigns. What are they currently advertising? It’s none other than their ten thousand pounds guaranteed jackpot every week. That’s right! Mirror Bingo is giving away guaranteed prize money worth ten thousand pounds each week. Want to learn more? Find out the details of this exciting promotion below.

Each week, Mirror Bingo offers their online bingo members the chance to take home cash prizes amounting to ten thousand pounds! Each day, it gets better and better because guaranteed prizes range from a hundred pounds up to two thousand pounds. All the guaranteed prizes at Mirror Bingo amount to a whopping ten thousand pounds each week. And don’t forget that there are still the other jackpots to be won at Mirror Bingo. The prices for the tickets for such guaranteed payouts range from as little as 50p to £1. What’s even great about these guaranteed bingo games is that the bigger games can be bought prior to the game. You can get the tickets at the pre-buying bingo rooms. This way, you’ll never miss those big games with huge cash prizes. No need to worry if you forgot to buy tickets or if you forgot to log in early to buy the tickets because you can buy them ahead of time. The fifty pence tickets are for the daily bingo games with one hundred pounds payout while the one pound ticket are for the evening games. Tuesdays to Thursdays at 9 pm, you’ll get the chance to win a thousand pounds while Friday offers the two thousand five hundred pounds prize!

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